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Supported Wallets for Bitlayer

EVM-Compatible Wallets

For interacting with Ethereum and other EVM networks, Bitlayer supports wallets such as:

  • OKX Wallet - A versatile wallet for secure transactions.
  • MetaMask - A browser extension with integrated dApp support.

EVM-compatible wallets allow you to execute smart contracts and interact with decentralized applications across various EVM networks.

Bitcoin-Exclusive Wallets

For Bitcoin transactions, Bitlayer is compatible with wallets designed specifically for Bitcoin, including:

  • Unisat - A secure wallet for Bitcoin enthusiasts.
  • Xverse - A wallet focused on privacy and security for Bitcoin users.

Bitcoin-only wallets provide optimized features for handling Bitcoin transactions and secure storage.

Networks Supported

  • EVM Networks (e.g., Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain)
  • Bitcoin Testnet (for testing and development purposes)
  • Bitcoin Mainnet (for real Bitcoin transactions)

Choosing the right network is essential for your transactions. The Testnet is ideal for practice and development, while the Mainnet is used for actual transactions.

Multi-Signature Smart Contract Wallet

Bitlayer provides a robust multi-signature smart contract wallet solution called Bitlayer Multisig. This wallet enhances security by requiring multiple signatures to approve transactions, ensuring that no single person can compromise the funds.

MPC Wallet

Bitlayer also supports MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallets for enhanced security and privacy.